Starting Fresh: Making Monday Mornings more bearable with Coffee and Journaling

#MoreMeaningfulMondays Series

It’s Monday morning. Again.

I’m still at it, trying to help you (and me!) get through Mondays, and not only get through Mondays, but make Mondays a bit more MEANINGFUL.

I like to set myself challenges.

Monday mornings can be seriously depressing, I know…just for a moment, though, let’s look upon this Monday as a fresh start, a day to set one or more intentions, and embrace new opportunities. I make my Mondays more meaningful by combining two powerful practices: drinking coffee and journaling. This dynamic duo can help you start your day, and your week, with a certain amount of determination. So, grab your favourite mug, fill it with your best brew, find a cosy spot, and let’s explore how coffee and journaling can transform your Monday mornings.

Coffee is my Essential Monday Morning Fuel There’s something magical about that first sip of coffee in the morning, any morning, but especially Monday mornings. Beyond its invigorating smell and taste, coffee can provide a powerful boost of energy that can jumpstart your day. The caffeine can stimulate your mind, help you focus, and make you more alert, setting the stage for a (surprisingly) productive Monday. As you savour each sip, MINDFULLY, allow yourself to become fully present and appreciative of the moment and the potential this Monday holds.

Dispel the Monday Morning Blues Journaling can bring loads of interesting insights, so as you sit down with your coffee, take a few moments to write a couple of words in your journal. What and who are you grateful for this Monday morning? This act of putting pen to paper/fingers on keyboards, helps you set intentions for the day, acknowledge your emotions, and gain perspective on what actually matters to you:

Monday Morning Prompt: What are three intentions you want to set for yourself this Monday? How can these intentions positively impact your day, your week, and your overall sense of fulfilment? Take a few moments to write them down and explore why they are important to you. Consider how you can align your actions, mindset, and priorities with these intentions to create a truly meaningful Monday.

Grab another Cup if you are still not properly awake and write some morning pages. A popular form of journaling, writing morning pages is a concept introduced by Julia Cameron in her book “The Artist’s Way.” Morning Pages involve writing three pages of stream-of-consciousness thoughts, without any censorship or judgment. This practice helps clear mental clutter, unleashes creativity, and allows you to explore your innermost desires. More about Morning Pages.

Go to a Coffee Shop If you have difficulty waking up on Monday mornings, take it slow. Create your own Monday Morning ritual. Visit a local coffee shop. The ambient noise, gentle chatter, and cosy atmosphere can provide a soothing backdrop for your creativity (as in problem-solving ability) to flourish. Coffee shops also offer a sense of community, giving you the opportunity to connect with fellow coffee enthusiasts or observe the bustling Monday morning routines of others, sparking new ideas for your own. Find out how to unlock the transformative power of Journaling.

By dedicating this time to yourself at the beginning of the week, you’ll set a positive tone that can carry you through the rest of the day, and even the rest of the week.

May your Mondays be filled with meaning!

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