Dr Margaretha Montagu

facilitates Life Transitions, Challenges and Change

at Esprit Meraki

Dr Margaretha Montagu – described as a “game changer”, “gifted healer”, “guiding light” and “life-enriching author” – is a certified transformational Life and Leadership coach who guides her clients towards their most meaningful and fulfilling lives, particularly when navigating life transitions – virtually, or with the assistance of her Friesian Horses, at their home in the southwest of France.

Do You Feel Overwhelmed?


Are you worried that you may get seriously ill and not be able to afford medical care?
Do you fear that you may lose your job and not be able to provide for your family?
Do you worry that your relationship may disintegrate under the strain and end in divorce?
Do you fear that, due to the current economic downturn, you may become destitute and end up living on the streets?
Are you anxious about the possibility that your business may fail and that you will be declared bankrupt?
Do you lie awake at night, anxiously trying to stop your mind from dwelling on the worst possible case scenario for the future?

If you feel overwhelmed, I have the knowledge and experience to help you feel in control of your life again.

Dr M Montagu MBChB MRCGP NLP Master Coach Cert, Transformational Leadership and Life Coach Cert, Councelling Cert, Med Hypnotherapy Dip, EAGALA Cert

We live in a pandemic-ravaged world that is potentially dangerous and inherently unpredictable. Much of what we worry about has to do with losing what we have: our health, our happiness, our friends and our family, our financial security, our freedom, our independence and ultimately, our lives. We worry that all we have may be taken from us, in a second, that everything might change, for the worst.

CHANGE is the one thing none of us can avoid.

To survive in this peri-pandemic world, we will have to become experts at coping with change, especially with life transitions (any change that impacts your life in a significant way) expected or unexpected, planned or imposed, sudden, intermittent or gradual.

Dr Margaretha Montagu equips her clients to expertly handle every challenge, change and life transition that comes their way, using retreats, books, masterclasses, coaching, community and online courses to help clients prosper and live meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling lives.

My Friesian horses helped me through more changes than I have space to list here: Name a life transition, challenge or change, I bet I have experienced it personally. It was painful to have to retire from medicine, to embark on a new career, to start a business from scratch, to get divorced, to lose people and animals I love. It was terrifying to move lock stock and barrel to another country, more than once, to lose one of my eyes and to live with the constant threat of losing the little vision I have left in the other.”

Coping with life transitions can be stressful. Stressing serves no purpose and in the long run, it can harm our physical and/or mental health. Do you sometimes feel your stomach churning, break out in a sweat, have palpitations and struggle to breathe? Persistent severe anxiety, fear, worry, despair and depression can inhibit our ability to cope with challenges.

So how can you avoid getting uber-stressed and find out how to cope successfully with change?

“You can attend one of my retreats, read one of my books, participate in a masterclass, book a coaching session, join my community or take one of my online courses.” Dr Margaretha Montagu

Very interesting, reassuring and truthful. No textbook wisdom but hard life experience against a medical background put at one’s disposal through a course with three beautiful Friesian horses. E Smulders


Dr. Margaretha Montagu and her soul-mare, Belle de la Babinière, facilitators of magical futures.

You get one life. Make it meaningful, purposeful, fulfilling and magical by investing in yourself.

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Is your life so stressful that it is threatening to overwhelm you? Then it might well be time to leave your comfort zone-that-is-no-longer-comfortable-anyway, not just figuratively, but also literally.

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It’s time to leave it all behind and set off on an adventure! Feel that little thrill of excitement, that sudden burst of happiness, and that unexpected energy boost? If the thought of escaping the pressures of day-to-day life fills you with enthusiasm, then you have a chance to not only rest, relax and recharge your batteries but also to grow, as a person, on one of these 5/7/14 day retreats in the south of France:

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