Horse Riding Confidence Secrets

 by Dr Margaretha Montagu

Rediscover the freedom and pleasure of riding without fear.

Imagine reading a “how to ride a horse” book that can boost your horse riding confidence and program your mind for recurrent horse and rider success…you can now discover how you can boost your riding confidence, eliminate your horse riding fear of falling or failure, and burst past old limitations… 

Have you lost your horse riding confidence? 

  • You may have been trail riding perfectly confidently all your life, but you’ve had a recent misadventure that left you injured physically, emotionally or both. 
  • Or you may be an accomplished horseback rider but you cannot handle the stress and fear of failing when competing. Nothing surprising there, we are all familiar with that sickening feeling. 
  • Or maybe you are a beginner horse rider, and the whole size-of-the-horse, distance-to-the-ground-thing is causing you panic attacks. 
  • Or maybe your age or health leaves you doubting your horse riding skills. You may have become afraid to handle your horse at all. 

If you have lost your riding confidence for some reason or another, then I DO know exactly how you feel. Nervous, worried, frustrated, helpless, and depressed. Because I know exactly what you feel like…because I know about both the fear and the frustration I now offer you access to every ounce of experience and knowledge that I have gathered over the last twenty years to help you 

  • thoroughly enjoy your horse and your riding again, without feeling any fear or frustration 
  • ride with extreme elegance and unshakeable confidence 
  • master new riding skills in record time 
  • focus and concentrate with more intensity 
  • remain calm and controlled before and during any performance/competition 

This book will introduce you to all the well-kept, never-before-revealed, worth-a-fortune secrets that can get YOU riding with supreme confidence in no time. 

Now that you have found a book written exclusively for equestrians at this very reasonable price that can boost your horse riding confidence… the most logical thing would be to order it right away! 

This is your chance to discover how to optimise your unique talents and skills by harnessing the collective powers of your mind, your body, and your individual resources. You can rediscover the freedom and pleasure of riding without fear. 

Anyone can master the art of riding with supreme horse riding confidence! 

With this book.

You can buy this book right here from my website, using your credit card or PayPal and start reading in minutes. If you buy your book here, I will receive 90% of what you pay instead of less than the 30% I receive when you buy from online bookshops. Just click on the Buy Now button below – as soon as you have paid, you will be sent an e-mail with a link where you can download your book.


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Reviews from Amazon

By Suzette Howardon June 12, 2014 Verified Purchase
I recently had a set back with a horse that I had been working with for a few years to build his confidence. I let a trainer talk me into doing something that I knew better than to do and it set the horse way back in his training. What I wasn’t expecting was how it broke my confidence. This book has helped me find my self-confidence again and in turn to get my horse back on track. In the end, the responsibility resides with me so I will not let another trainer take me out of my game. This book has inspired me to follow my instincts.

By Beverly Cresseyon June 16, 2015 Verified Purchase
This book will get you riding again with confidence. Got me over my loss of confidence after 4 serious injuries in 4 years. I’m back riding and loving it.

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