Crafting Your Perfect Summer: Journal to Manifesting Your Dream Season

Radiate Your Best Self: Cultivate Physical and Mental Wellbeing this Summer


Good morning! I wish each and every one of you un très bon Dimanche!

It’s FINALLY summer here in the southwest of France – we had one last horrendous storm on Wednesday night – but now the sun is shining with all its might, and temperatures are soaring into the low thirties.

Today, I’m looking forward towards the summer months. Now that summer’s here, I’m determined to make the most of this until-now-elusive season. I will be hosting retreats, the Mind the Horses retreats are more popular than ever, with the Camino de Santiago Hiking retreats a close second.

This year I will also be hosting a couple of Midlife Rennaissance Retreats again.

I am seriously into journaling these days, and to make the most of the summer, I created a couple of journaling prompts to get me going. I’m adding them below, in case you want to use them to get the most from your summer too:

  1. Reflect on your favourite summer memories from childhood. How can you incorporate elements of those experiences into your plans for this summer?
  2. Write about your ideal summer day. Describe the sights, sounds, and activities that would make it perfect. How can you create moments that align with your vision?
  3. List five new places or attractions in your area that you’ve been meaning to explore. Make a plan to visit at least one of them this summer and write about your experience.
  4. Describe a skill you’ve always wanted to master. How can you dedicate time to pursuing this interest during the summer? What resources or tools will you need?
  5. What books have you’ve been wanting to read or movies do you want to watch? Create a summer reading/watching list and set aside dedicated time to indulge in these forms of entertainment -without feeling guilty!
  6. Reflect on your physical and mental health goals for the summer. Eh oui, a difficult one. What activities can you incorporate into your daily summer routine to support these objectives? How about walking regularly? How will you track your progress? Or come to the south of France for a Camino de Santiago walking retreat! It will do you loads of good, physically and psychologically.
  7. Write a gratitude list focusing on the summer. List at least five things you’re grateful for during this season and explain why they bring you joy. Make time to appreciate these things throughout the summer.
  8. Describe a challenging or uncomfortable experience you’ve had in the summer in the past. Getting sunstroke, for example, because you didn’t drink enough water. Reflect on the lessons you learned from it and consider how you can approach similar situations differently this summer.
  9. Write a letter to your future self, envisioning where you want to be at the end of the summer. Outline your aspirations and intentions. Reflect on this letter at the end of the season to see how far you’ve come.
  10. Take a moment to disconnect from technology and spend time in nature. Write about your experience and how it made you feel. Find ways to incorporate more outdoor activities into your summer plans. Did I mention the Camino de Santiago walking retreats? You can even do some Camino walking during the Mind the Horses retreats

My plans for the summer are ambitious, I want to finish my Horses Mending Broken Hearts: A Guided Journey to Finding Closure after the Loss of a Horse online retreat and invest some time in promoting my Write Your Way to Serenity: A Guided Journaling Retreat Inspired by Horses and my Hoofbeats to Your Heart’s Calling: Finding Your Life Purpose with Horses online retreats. I will be doing that sitting in a deck chair soaking up the sun or in the shade of the 200-year-old lime trees next to the house.

What are your plans for the summer?

If you haven’t decided yet, how about responding to a couple of the prompts above?

Wishing you a sun-drenched summer,