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A series of mini-retreats for people who want to live Impactful, Meaningful and Fulfilling Lives

Bonjour and Bienvenue to the “Journal Yourself Stress-free” series of mini-retreats!

I am so grateful that you have subscribed to my Savoir Vivre Vignettes newsletter because by doing so, you have empowered me to fulfil my mission:  

– to empower you to become someone who competently handles stress, who knows exactly who he/she is, who takes excellent care of him/herself, who leads a balanced, impactful and fulfilling life, who has a solid support network, who can laugh at him/herself, who knows he/she has a lot to be grateful for, who knows how to forgive, and who knows how to say NO without apologising

– to feed a small herd of opinionated Friesian and Falabella horses who expect to be kept in the manner they consider appropriate to their exceptional talent, beauty, and intelligence.

My name is Margaretha Montagu. I am a retired medical doctor and I’m passionate about helping people reduce stress and prevent stress-induced diseases. For the last 15 years, I have been hosting life-changing Connect with Horses Mindfulness and Meditation retreats and Camino de Santiago de Compostela walking retreats here at my house in the south of France.

The Journal Yourself Stress-free series of mini-retreats is the first stepping stone on a path that will lead you to develop a powerful stress-reducing strategy and create the impactful, meaningful and fulfilling life you deserve to live. In this email series, you’ll receive inspiration to help you journal your way to a stress-free life.

You’ll also find stress-related quotes, stress-reducing affirmations, and make-a-difference calls to action in each email.

I hope you find the emails life-enriching and maybe even life-changing. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Here is your first free worksheet:

Coping with Change Checklist and Cheat Sheet

You will find several more free worksheets, infographics and quizzes here: FREE RESOURCES


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