What Horses can Teach us: A Collection of Quotes

I have been working in the Equine-assisted Experiential Learning field for more than 15 years, lately focusing on Equine-guided Meditation and Equine-facilitated Mindfulness, to help people become more socially and emotionally resilient, during my Connect and Communicate with Horses retreats here in the south of France. Lately, I feel the need to return to my first love, equine-assisted experiential learning, both offline during my retreats, now also online, by creating DIY Horse-Inspired Virtual retreats, inspired by what I have learned from my horses in the last 2 decades:

Two decades ago there wasn’t much written about what horses can teach us, now various authors have written articles and books on the subject. Below are a few quotes from these authors:

  1. “Horses help us to learn about ourselves, and to overcome our fears and limitations.” – Linda Kohanov
  2. “Horses can help us to develop a sense of trust, empathy, and compassion.” – Temple Grandin
  3. “Horses can help us to connect with the natural world and the beauty that surrounds us.” – Jane Goodall
  4. “Horses have a unique ability to teach us about leadership and the importance of communication.” – Pat Parelli
  5. “Horses can help us to find balance and harmony in our lives.” – Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
  6. “Horses are incredible teachers of forgiveness, acceptance, and unconditional love.” – Shannon Knapp
  7. “Horses can help us to learn to be more present and mindful in our lives.” – Linda Tellington-Jones
  8. “Horses can help us to find joy and happiness in simple pleasures.” – Tom Dorrance
  9. “Horses can teach us to be more courageous and confident in ourselves.” – Mark Rashid
  10. “Horses can help us to develop a sense of responsibility and accountability.” – Karen Rohlf
  11. “Horses have a way of teaching us about trust, respect, and mutual understanding.” – Chris Irwin
  12. “Horses can help us to develop greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence.” – Linda Parelli
  13. “Horses have a way of reminding us of what is truly important in life.” – Anna Twinney
  14. A horse is the projection of people’s dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful – and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence.” – Pam Brown
  15. “Horses are intuitive animals, and if you learn to listen to them, they’ll teach you more than you’ll ever teach them.” – Rachel Wolf
  16. “The horse is one of the most intelligent creatures that we have on this planet, and they’re able to sense things that we can’t even begin to comprehend.” – Monty Roberts
  17. “A horse can teach you a lot about yourself. They can sense your emotions and respond to them accordingly.” – Mark Rashid
  18. “Horses are intelligent and empathetic animals. They have the ability to understand and communicate with humans in a way that is truly remarkable.” – Anna Twinney
  19. “Horses are incredibly sensitive creatures. They can read human body language and emotions with an accuracy that is truly amazing.” – Linda Kohanov
  20. “The horse’s intelligence is often underestimated. They have the ability to problem-solve, think critically, and remember things for a long time.” – Jane Savoie
  21. “Horses have an incredible memory. They can remember people, places, and things for years.” – Cherry Hill
  22. “Horses are able to recognize faces and even remember them years later.” – Sue McDonnell
  23. “The horse’s intelligence is different from ours. They have a different way of perceiving the world around them.” – Tom Dorrance
  24. “Horses are able to communicate with each other through a complex system of body language and vocalisations.” – Carolyn Resnick
  25. “Horses have a remarkable ability to understand and respond to human emotion.” – Temple Grandin
  26. “Horses are able to learn from past experiences and adjust their behaviour accordingly.” – Warwick Schiller
  27. “Horses are able to form deep bonds with their human handlers and can be incredibly loyal and affectionate animals.” – Stacy Westfall
  28. “The intelligence of horses is not just about their ability to learn, but also about their ability to connect with humans on an emotional level.” – Linda Tellington-Jones
  29. “Horses have a natural curiosity and desire to learn, which makes them excellent candidates for training and working with humans.” – Monty Roberts
  30. “Horses are capable of complex problem-solving and decision-making, and can adapt to new situations quickly.” – Claire Thunes

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Reading through these quotes inspires me to revert to what I love doing, equine-facilitated personal development. I will still host the Camino de Santiago de Compostela Hiking Retreats, but I am now going diversify to my horse-orientated retreats, to include training others to do what I do: