Live a Meaningful Life

Now you can discover how to live a purposeful, fulfilling and meaningful life in 10 masterclasses guided by 2 experts – one in mindfulness and one in heartfulness.



Once a month, from 9-12h, Dr Margaretha Montagu invites you to join her near Nogaro in the Gers where you will be introduced to a selection of potentially life-changing strategies that you can easily incorporate into your own life.

Live a Meaningful Life Masterclass Content:

Dealing with negative Emotions: free yourself from immobilising fear, overwhelming anger, energy-sapping frustration and debilitating sadness so that you can become more resilient and avoid burnout.

Successfully handling Stress: Cope more effectively with the changes and challenges that come your way- effective stress management safeguards your physical and mental health – it helps you avoid the damage stress can do to our minds and bodies

Sharing your Needs: Discover how to communicate assertively, improve your conflict management skills and build strong, supportive and long-lasting relationships and get on better with family, friends and colleagues

Make Peace with your Past: Challenging events in your past can make you stronger if you know how to learn from and let go of such events in an empowering way. Get rid of limiting beliefs and habits that chain you to the past, using your own unique talents and abilities, during this masterclass.

Maximise your Creativity: Solve problems with little effort, enrich your imagination, enhance your mental agility, find inspiration and increase your resourcefulness. Well-developed problem-solving skills will enable you to sleep better at night so that you do to feel tired and can get a lot more done during the day

Increasing your Self-awareness and Self-confidence: Believe in yourself so that you can make the changes you want to make in your life. Become more compassionate and forgiving towards yourself (and towards others!) so that you can accept yourself, forgive yourself and love yourself just as you are

Expressing your Truth: Discover how to set firm boundaries and say NO without feeling guilty or needing to explain. Speak your mind without worrying what other people will think of you

Stop criticising and sabotaging Yourself: Embrace your mistakes, accept that you are good enough just as you are, avoid imposter syndrome and celebrate your success without needing to apologise for what you want or for being who you are

Enhancing and enriching meaningful Relationships: Improve your relationships with the important people in your life and create a solid and reliable support network so that you can ask for help before you feel totally overwhelmed

Bringing all 10 Masterclasses together – Attracting Abundance and Manifesting Miracles: Discover the magnetic power of gratitude and find out how living a meaningful life invariably has lasting happiness as a by-product.

I have more than 15 years of experience helping clients realise how unique, powerful, gifted, strong, valuable, talented, courageous, special, caring and lovable they are. During these monthly masterclasses, based on Mindfulness, I will guide you for a year on your way to a life full of meaning, fulfilment and happiness.

Cost of each masterclass: 125 euro, which includes all activities as well as a tea/coffee break with refreshments mid-morning. Due to the current social distancing guidelines, I have to limit numbers, so please book your masterclass as soon as possible and let me know of any eventual cancellations right away.

Everyone is welcome, all ages, persuasions and backgrounds. Each master class builds on the previous one, so ideally you attend the whole series, but you are also welcome to attend individual masterclasses featuring subjects that you struggle with specifically.

The “Live a Meaningful Life” Master Classes will equip you with the tools that you need to completely transform your life into exactly what you want it to be.

Inscriptions – and any further questions – 48 hours before each masterclass via

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