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I have just spotted that you have joined my ‘Savoir Vivre Vignettes’ mailing list – and I got so excited, I did a cartwheel. Well, I nearly did. OK, so I just thought about it, but the intention was there…You’ve just joined an enthusiastic group of people who fully believe in the restorative power of going on a retreat and who want to make sure they get everything they can from the retreats they attend.

The opportunity to help you with this makes my heart sing, so here’s what you can expect from me:

Following this email, I’ll email you with details about new retreats, early-bird and last-minute offers on my retreats, as well as useful information that can help get the most benefit from your next retreat and help you cope until you can go on retreat –  once or twice a month. You can unsubscribe at any point, but who wouldn’t want to make their next retreat their best ever? 😉

AND you can get access to my Journal Yourself StressFree Series of e-retreats – valued at 79.00€ – in case you are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed but can’t get away on a retreat right now. Your first e-retreat of the series is on its way to your inbox.

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You can download your tips here: Top 10 Tips to Make Your Next Retreat Your Best Ever by Dr M Montagu

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