Retreat To Reconnect Facebook Group Rules

This Facebook community is a place where everyone who aspires to live a purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling life can come to connect with other like-minded people, to share experiences, inspirational stories, useful tips, to ask and answer questions, make friends, and most importantly, support each other on our unique journeys.

The Admin of this Group is:
Margaretha Montagu (founder of Retreat to Reconnect and creator of this group).

By joining this FACEBOOK community you agree to the rules listed below.

  1. Be kind, courteous, considerate and compassionate. Ask questions, start a conversation. Solve problems, help and support each other. Don’t just ‘like’ posts, get involved, give your opinion, offer solutions. Be honest, authentic, understanding and relevant. And, remember – a picture speaks a thousand words!
  2. No shaming of any kind, no personal attacks, no disrespectful language will be tolerated. Bullying is not allowed, and degrading comments about subjects such as race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be allowed. If you take part in any of the above, you will be removed from the group.
  3. Respect each other’s privacy. Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic discussions make groups great, but information shared may also be sensitive and private. What’s shared in the group, stays in the group.
  4.  NO self-promotion, advertising or affiliate links.
  5. No selling products, services, courses, events, programs etc.
  6. No promoting your webinar even if it is offered for free
  7. No posting of affiliate links unless you got permission from an admin. Posts or comments with affiliate links will be removed and we reserve the right to remove the member sharing the links as well
  8. No posting your own content in the group, even in a specific (and relevant) thread. This includes posting links to surveys or creating surveys in the group, posting photos with your social handles, URLs or business name on them. No posting of links to your own website/Facebook Group.
  9. No posting the same comment repeatedly after it has been removed by admins due to rule violation will result in a ban.
  10. No MLMS – please don’t post anything to do with MLMs or try to get people to sign up to your MLMs.
  11. No contacting members in the group by private message to sell or promote anything at all. If you come across this kind of behaviour, please report it to immediately (ideally with a screenshot of the message)We may break our own rule and promote something if we feel it is of service to the group. We reserve that right as it is our group and community.
  12. No spamming: No Fundraising, Gofundme links, Square links, affiliate links, prayer requests, donation requests, giveaways, petitions, off-site ‘‘Vote for Me’ links, or ‘see how many likes I can get’ or ‘I’m doing research’ type posts.
  13. When creating a post, make it interesting, inspiring, original and helpful. If you show up just to post your content and not help out your fellow community members, they notice. And the admins notice.
  14. Links shared without text will be deleted.  When sharing links, please include some text & caption the post to make it relevant to our group.
  15. Use the search function. Facebook groups have a useful search function in the left sidebar. Before posting a question, search the group to find out if anyone has asked this in the past. Often your question has already been answered and you’ll quickly find exactly what you were looking for.
  16. Intellectual Property. Please follow Facebook community standards regarding intellectual property. Do not upload copyrighted documents to our group files. Links and shout-outs to companies and pages not in-line with Facebook standards may be deleted.
  17. Disinformation will be deleted. Merriam-Webster defines ‘disinformation’ as “false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth.” Misinformation may be deleted. Misinformation is defined as “incorrect or misleading information.” We will review these posts on a case-by-case basis and delete as needed. Links to fake news sites will be deleted without notice.
  18. Please don’t PM admins. We simply don’t have the time to respond to everyone. Remember, this is a FREE group and we are all volunteers. For questions, comments or suggestions, email and we try to get back to everyone.
  19. Stick to the topic. We only allow posts and comments related to the group’s activity. Off-topic content will be removed and you will get a warning.
  20. 12. “Admin, if not allowed please delete post.” Please don’t include this phrase in your posts. Posts stating this will be deleted, you may be muted, and possibly removed from group. If you think your post may not be allowed – do not post it! Send an admin a message on facebook regarding the appropriateness of your post first.
  21.  DO NOT DISRESPECT OR BLOCK the admins or moderators. Admins are able to tell who has blocked them and can still see your posts even if blocked. If you block an admin, you will be removed from the group. 
  22. Posts that go against group guidelines will be deleted without notice. When your post has to be deleted you may be muted (unable to post or comment in group) for a preset time frame and put on post-approval (posts will need approval before shown in group.) The ‘muting’ is done to help draw your attention to the fact that you need to review group guidelines.  If your post is deleted- Do not repost the same thing in a new thread. Do not post “Why was my post deleted” in a new thread. If your post was deleted it’s because it violated our group guidelines and rules.
  23. Report rule-breaking. If you see a post/comment that violates our rules, report it to the admins — DO NOT verbally attack the author of said post/comment.
  24. Think before you report. Don’t report posts or comments that aren’t breaking any rules just because you don’t like or agree with their content. If you have any questions or concerns or are experiencing issues in the group, please turn to one of the admins for help.
  25. No FB live videos allowed (other than Margaretha’s classes, talks, Q&A sessions, etc.). Videos uploaded directly to the group are allowed, as long as they’re under 10 minutes and have no links or calls to action.
  26. No uploading of files to the “Files” section, unless you check in with Zalman first.

It is not a group about:

  • Selling (even if we all have products or services to sell)
  • Blogging (even if many of us have blogs)
  • Coaching (even if many of us are coaches)

If you don’t agree with ALL of these rules, please feel free to remove yourself from the group.

Note: These rules are subject to change without notice. It’s your responsibility to keep up to date.


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