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I’m back in your inbox to say thank you so much for your dedication and perseverance as we explored the power of gratitude and generosity together.

Now, I need to ask a favour: I would hugely appreciate your feedback on the retreat. Your insights and reflections are invaluable in helping me improve and refine the content for future participants.

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  • How did the “Gratitude and Generosity” e-retreat impact your daily life and overall well-being
  • Which specific aspects of the e-retreat resonated with you the most? Were there any particular exercises or lessons that stood out
  • Did you find the content engaging and informative? Were the materials and resources provided helpful in deepening your understanding of gratitude and generosity?
  • Were there any challenges or areas where you felt the e-retreat could have been improved? Please share any suggestions or recommendations you may have.
  • Would you recommend this e-retreat to others interested in exploring gratitude and generosity? If so, why?

Your feedback will enable me to continue refining and enhancing this online retreat, ensuring that future participants can benefit from an even more enriching experience. Any input  (positive or negative) to or will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you once again for your participation in the “Gratitude and Generosity” e-retreat.  I am immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of your journey toward cultivating gratitude and embracing generosity as a stress-busting strategy.

Wishing you an abundance of gratitude in all aspects of your life.

And sunny skies and much happiness.