The Gratitude and Generosity e-Retreat

Bonjour and bienvenue to the Gratitude and Generosity Journal e-retreat!

I am convinced that appreciating what you already have will attract much more into your life to be grateful for so I want to help you cultivate a habit of expressing your gratitude every day. You might already have read my book Embracing Change in 10 Minutes a Dayso you know how many and varied benefits regularly reminding yourself of your blessings can have and so you have decided that you want to establish a gratitude habit of your own.


I created this 7-day e-retreat, consisting of an introductory e-mail and 7 further e-mails for two reasons:

  1. To introduce you to a sustainable way of keeping a gratitude and generosity journal. It is an easy, entertaining, enlightening, enriching and educational strategy – and it only takes 10 minutes of your already busy-to-bursting day. Even doing this for only 10 minutes a day, for 7 days, can make you feel significantly happier.
  2. I am convinced that “it is not happiness that makes us grateful, it’s gratefulness that makes us happy,” as David Steindl-Rast said. I want to share with others how this simple daily practice has changed my life, in as many ways as possible. I have created this e-retreat as a companion guide to my book Embracing Change, to help my readers put the principles described in the book into practice, but you do not need to read the book to benefit from this e-retreat.

Open the door to your new life today. You will be so grateful you did!


Every day for seven days, you will receive an e-mail with a couple of suggestions that should not keep you busy for longer than 10 minutes. Each e-mail will contain:

  • One of my favourite Gratitude Quotes to inspire you
  • One Generosity Quote to motivate you
  • One Gratitude Prompt ex: “List 5 books that you are grateful you have read.”
  • One compelling Affirmation that will empower you
  • A thought-provoking insight-giving Picture
  • Call to Action


With this e-retreat comes a worksheet, that you can download and print. Copying the day’s quotes, your answers to the gratitude prompt and the affirmation into your journal will make your gratitude practice not only richer but also more effective. When you write, you engage a different part of your brain altogether, making it easier to establish your new gratitude and generosity habit.

If you do not want to do that, several apps will work just as well: Gratitude! is my personal favourite. It asks you to rate your day from 1 to 5 stars. You can list several things that you’re grateful for and even attach a photo if you want. When you have finished, you get rewarded with an inspirational quote. offers a free online gratitude journal with the option to share your posts with others. You can read other users’ tweets by searching Twitter for the #ThankfulFor hashtag. The Gratitude Journal asks you to identify five things each day that you enjoy.


It is always easier to keep to an intention if you have formally committed yourself. Below is a commitment statement that you can copy into your own printed/digital diary or transcribe onto the worksheet that you have downloaded..

Today, on this date: ____________, I, _______________ commit to spending 10 minutes a day cultivating a daily gratitude habit. ____________________Signature

For additional accountability, you can tweet your commitment using the course’s designated hashtag: #G+GJournal.


Last but not least: every day, when you open your e-mail, spend a few seconds anchoring yourself in the moment. Pay attention to what is going on inside of you and around you. What do you see? What emotions does the photograph of the day evoke in you? What do you hear? Are you listening to my Gratitude and Generosity Playlist on YouTube? What do you smell or taste? In my case, it would be the first blissful cup of coffee of the day. 

There you have it, my Gratitude and Generosity e-retreat in a nutshell.

Tomorrow you will receive an e-mail named Day 1 Gratitude and Generosity e-Retreat. I can’t wait to find out what you thought of it!

All the best from the sun-drenched south of France,

PS. If you have not read my book yet, and you are interested in effective stress management strategies, you can find out more by clicking on the image below.

Having known Margaretha for years, not only have I benefitted from reading her books, but I have also seen how she has applied her strategies to cope with the challenges in her own life. Her latest book, “Embracing Change” is by far the best book she has ever written. – A.M. Harris

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