A More Meaningful Life: Fill Your Days with Meaningful Moments

I would love to live a more meaningful life, and honestly, I have the very best of intentions, but so often the endless drama and demands of everyday life seem to get in the way. I am intensely grateful for all my blessings, and living a meaningful, impactful and purposeful life would be a way to pay those blessings forward, if I can just get my act together. To make it easier for myself, I created a list(!) that I can stick to the fridge.

It works, not every day, but most days, so I thought others may find it useful too. I typed it out, added a few drawings and colours, a few questions and an audio recording of a More Meaningful Life meditation and gave it a name: the How to Make Your Live More Meaningful Worksheet.

Because it can give your life direction, make you feel more fulfilled, satisfied and content, motivate you to reach your goals, lower your stress levels, dramatically improve your well-being, enrich your relationships, help you prioritise, provide you with the drive and determination needed to overcome challenges and setbacks, keep you focused on what truly matters to you, lead to personal growth, enable you to make a difference to other people’s lives, have a positive impact and leave a valuable legacy…

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