Write Your Way to Serenity: A Guided Journaling Retreat Inspired by Horses

Meet a small herd of Friesian and Falabella Horses

in the sun-blessed south of France

An online retreat for anyone interested in increasing their emotional, physical and social resilience by starting a journal, but does not have much time to invest and is looking for a simple, low-cost, easy-to-implement strategy that gives tangible and lasting results.

Do you feel overextended, overworked, overwhelmed and underappreciated and numbed to situations that normally you would have felt passionate about?

I know exactly how you feel. I learnt the hard way that if I do not make time for my own emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs, I soon run out of steam. Before I know it, I am emotionally exhausted. Another victim of the burnout epidemic.

This online retreat, inspired by my Friesian horses, consists of 7 life-changing sections that will show you how you can easily increase your resilience by journaling for 5-10 minutes so that

  • You can sleep better, feel less exhausted, concentrate better, increase your productivity and improve your performance
  • You can feel less irritated, less frustrated, less stressed, and less anxious which will positively impact all your relationships: friends, family and colleagues
  • You can be more creative, and better at problem-solving, which will increase your self-confidence so that you feel empowered to handle any challenge that comes your way

During my two decades as a medical doctor and the decade since as a transformational retreat host, I have learned, by trial and error, what works for me and for my retreat guests.

Journalling, even just 5-10 minutes at a time, is a simple, low-cost, easy-to-implement stress management strategy that gives noticeable and lasting results.

Recent research shows that journaling is an extremely effective stress-reducing and burnout-banishing exercise.


  • Allows you to examine, clarify and understand your thoughts and emotions
  • Helps you reflect and learn from past experiences by looking back at past journal entries
  • Provides an outlet for expressing difficult emotions, such as anger, irritation and frustration, without hurting someone you care about
  • Can be a way to release your negative thoughts and emotions and keep things in perspective

The idea behind this online retreat is to demonstrate how retreating for 5-10 minutes twice a week to journal in response to a carefully crafted prompt, you can dramatically reduce overwhelm and prevent burnout.

Are you ready to take charge, dramatically lower your stress levels and increase your emotional resilience so that you can stop feeling overextended, overworked, overwhelmed and underappreciated?

Invest in Your Future

Journalling to Serenity Retreat

24,99 $US