Create Your Life Purpose Guided by Horses

How long have you been searching for your Life Purpose?

Your unique, must-have, one-and-only, perfect-fit, vitally important Life Purpose?

You can stop searching now.

The Create Your Life Purpose on-demand online retreat will introduce you to a step-by-step process that will enable you to identify your unique life purpose and give you the clarity and certainty that you need so that you can reach your full potential.

During this DIY @home retreat, you will go from feeling frustrated, despondent and impotent, to knowing exactly what your current life purpose is, applicable specifically to your current life circumstances.

Before I tell you more about this life-redirecting course, let’s make sure this retreat is right for you:

If you’re someone that has a niggling inner feeling that there must be more to life than this, that you’re here to live a meaningful and impactful life, that you want to make a difference in other people’s lives, but you haven’t been able to figure out what it is that you’re meant to do…

And/or you…

Are stuck at a crossroads, unable to move forward with what you are meant to be doing with your life: you are going through a divorce, have an empty nest, are retiring, want a career change or to start your own business or to go back to school… You feel as if you are being called to do something significant but you just can’t figure out what it is…

And/or you…

No longer feel passionate about what you do, you have lost your mojo, you feel exhausted, overwhelmed and uninspired and are desperate to leave the rat race where it feels like it’s groundhog every day of the year (and then some…)

Then the Create Your Life Purpose Retreat Guided by Horses is the solution you have been looking for.

At the end of this retreat, which can be completed in 2 hours, you will have:

  • Identified your life purpose clearly, so that you can use it to give your life direction, make the right decisions and live a more meaningful life (instead of wasting more time, energy and money trying to figure it out).
  • A life purpose which is fully aligned with your core values, strengths, skills and interests.
  • A written life purpose statement that you can review whenever you need guidance, a statement that will serve as a compass through challenges and change.
  • A clear picture of who you are now, where you want to go next and what brings joy, fulfilment and meaning to your life.
  • Much more confidence, knowing that your life purpose will enable you to live your best life, reach your full potential and make a positive difference to other people’s lives.

Course Curriculum

  • Section 1 How Horses Can Help You Discover Your Life Purpose
    •  Lesson 1 Overwhelmed, Exhausted and Over-Committed FREE PREVIEW
    •  Lesson 2 Apparently, the Purpose of Life is Not to be Happy
  • Section 2 Discover and Design Your Life Purpose Inspired by Horses
    •  Lesson 3 Desperately trying to find your Life Purpose?
    •  Lesson 4 What makes you come alive?
    •  Lesson 5 What makes your heart beat faster?
    •  Lesson 6 What matters most to you?
    •  Lesson 7 What are you good at?
    •  Lesson 8 What gives your life meaning?
    •  Homework Assignment: The Connection Between Your Values and Your Life Purpose
  • Section 3 Horse Wisdom: The Art of Living Your Life on Purpose
    •  Lesson 9 Live a Purposeful, Meaningful, Rewarding, Fulfilling and Impactful Life
    •  Resources