A free mini-retreat for anyone interested in increasing their emotional, physical and social resilience, but does not have much time to invest and is looking for a simple, low-cost, easy-to-implement strategy that gives tangible and lasting results.

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Do you feel overextended, overworked, overwhelmed and underappreciated and numbed to situations that normally would have led you to feel empathy/compassion?

I know exactly how you feel. I learnt the hard way that if I do not make time for my own emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs, I soon run out of steam and before I know it, I am emotionally exhausted. Another victim of the burnout epidemic.

During my two decades as a medical doctor and the decade since as a transformational retreat host, I have learned, by trial and error, what works for me and for my retreat guests. Journalling, even just 5 minutes a day, is a simple, low-cost, easy-to-implement strategy that gives noticeable and lasting results.

Recent research shows that journaling is an extremely effective burnout-banishing exercise.


  • Allows you to examine, clarify and understand your thoughts and emotions
  • Helps you reflect and learn from past experiences by looking back at past journal entries
  • Provides an outlet for expressing difficult emotions, such as anger, irritation and frustration, without hurting someone you care about
  • Can be a way to release your negative thoughts and emotions and keep things in perspective

The idea behind the Journal Yourself Stress-free online mini-retreat is to demonstrate how by journalling for 5 minutes a day in response to a prompt, you can dramatically reduce overwhelm and prevent burnout.

You will receive an e-mail once a day with a short prompt that you can respond to in 5 minutes, to help you get into the habit of journaling daily.

Example of a prompt: What are you grateful for, right at this moment, despite whatever you are going through, and what do you have to look forward to once this stressful period is over?

5 minutes. That is all you will need each day.

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Your first prompt will be in your inbox tomorrow. In the meantime, why not start by responding to Prompt no 1 above?

This 7-day 5-minute mini-retreat is intended to function as a taster for the Esprit Meraki Online Retreat Collection, especially the Banish Burnout midi-retreat.