Easter Walking Retreat

The Camino de Santiago de Compostela

It’s Spring in the south of France!

Could it be time, this Easter, to release redundant endings and embark on an irresistible adventure, a journey to a brighter, bigger and better LIFE?

Walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela during this 5-day potentially life-changing Easter Hiking Retreat in the southwest of France, while the whole of Nature is bursting into new life around you, is one of the most inspiring things you can do this time of the year.

Birds singing their little hearts out, the perfume of millions of spring flowers scenting the air, bees buzzily working their bee buts off, the forests luxuriously carpeted by snowdrops, the spring sunshine warming your skin and making your heart sing… This is glorious Gascony in the southwest of France, just waiting for you to come and explore it.

The retreat will follow the standard Camino de Santiago Walking Retreat format, available throughout the year, but with a petit plus, a distinctly and prominently French flavour of Easter, including gâteaux de Pâques, Easter omelettes, Pain perdu de Pâques and an Easter Egg Exchange on Sunday Morning.

Walking the Camino de Santiago during Easter can be a profoundly transformative experience. For many people, Easter represents a time of transition—a chance to leave behind the burdens of the past and embrace a fresh start. The Camino, with its vast landscapes, hilltop villages, and camaraderie among fellow pilgrims, provides the perfect setting for individuals to let go of old habits, self-imposed limitations and beliefs that no longer serve them. With each step taken along the ancient pilgrimage route, you’ll have the opportunity to shed layers of the past and embrace a renewed sense of purpose and direction. As one of the most sacred times in the Christian calendar, Easter marks the celebration of resurrection and rebirth, making it a fitting backdrop for embarking on this pilgrimage of self-discovery, whether you are religious or not.

For everything you need to know about the 5-day Camino de Santiago de Compostela Walking retreat: how to get here, what to bring, whether it will be the retreat for you, what the rooms are like, what the food will be like, how to book, how to pay, what is included and what is not…CLICK HERE! or send an e-mail to Welcome2Gascony@gmail.com

I only have 3 rustic and restful rooms, in Maison Meraki, my 200-year-old French farmhouse surrounded by vineyards, spring flower meadows, woods and blossoming orchards, so if you want one of them this Easter, please book as soon as you can.