Wheel of Wellness

Take stock
No matter how satisfied you are with your life – and let’s admit it, very few of us are entirely satisfied with the way our lives are going – there are always areas that could use some improvement. Are you completely satisfied with the state of your health, career, finances, relationships and spiritual development? No? So in which areas are you currently thriving and which areas could you use some improvement? Are you on your way to financial freedom, but you hate your job?

Aim for Equilibrium
The Wheel of Wellness is a practical way to take a good, hard look at each area of your life, decide how satisfied you are with that area and uncover the areas that need more attention. Assume each area is the spoke of a wheel: When one of the spokes is shorter than the others, it throws the whole wheel off balance. Taking this quiz can help you to identify where you are excelling and where there is room for improvement – and to discover how you can get from where you are today and where you want to be.

You may be so caught up with making a living – desperately trying to survive this lockdown financially – that you have lost sight of your longterm goals. If you want to get those goals into perspective again and start working towards them, you will first have to figure out where you stand today by creating your wellness wheel.

As there are only two questions for each of the 8 spokes of the wheel: Click here to print it out and complete it: Wheel of Wellness

You are now ready for your first Savoir Vivre Coaching session. We will discuss the outcome of your Wheel of Life in more detail together by looking at the following questions:

If your Wheel of Wellness was the front wheel of a bicycle, what sort of ride can you expect?
On which area has your focus been and which areas have you been neglecting? How is this affecting your life?
How important are the areas you have been focusing to you and why?
What are the most important changes you would like to make?
What has stopped you/is stopping you from making these changes?
Finally, how will not making this (these) change(s) impact your future?

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