The Friesian Horses Fan Club

For the price of a cup of coffee, once a month, you can now support the proverbial struggling writer to look after the three Friesian mares who have inspired her to write five books to date, in return for a sizzling story written by said writer (yours truly.)

In return for your much-appreciated monthly support of 5, 10, 15, 20€ (or more!) you will become a fully-fledged member of the Friesian Horses Fan Club, receive an official certificate confirming your membership (as a pdf) as well as an original piece of creative writing of 1000 – 2000 words, every month. You will also get a free copy of one of my books (your choice) and free access to my group We live Purposeful, Meaningful and Fulfilling Lives. One-off donations of any amount are always welcome and individual horse sponsorships are available too!

Why do we need your patronage?

Your support, no matter how small an amount you choose to donate will make a huge difference to my horses’ lives. Your contribution will

  • go towards the payment of farrier, vet, equine dentist, homeopath and osteopath bills – Belle, at the grand old age of 26 and my most experienced healer-horse, especially appreciates the attention of the latter in the winter when her arthritis flares up.
  • enable me to buy enough hay to keep my Friesian mares looking and feeling their best during the very cold winters here in the foothills of the mighty Pyrenean Mountains
  • cover unexpected expenses: tractor repairs, fencing fails, hail damage, mole invasions etc.
  • fund a few « essential » luxuries: a variety of vitamin and mineral supplements, a heater for the barn when the temp here drops to – 10°C in winter, a fan for when the temp rises to 33°C here in the summer.
  • facilitate the research I am doing about equine-guided mindfulness meditation – a powerful meditation method that helps people manage their emotions more efficiently and
  • make it possible for me to find time to write: books, articles, blogposts and of course the stories that I will be sending to you monthly: romance, science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, memoir, horror, comedy and crime stories – each month a brand new story.

If you wonder what sort of stories I write, you can read one by clicking here.

Nearly all payment providers take substantial commissions on small amounts, so a lot more of what you donate will get to the horses if you set up a direct debit from your bank account to mine. If you are happy to do that, please send an e-mail to and I will send you my bank details. If not, you can easily set up a monthly payment using your credit card:

Choose and click on the amount you would like to donate monthly – 5€/month, 10€/month, 15€/month or 20€/month. Or make a one-off donation of any amount.

If you encounter any problems, please email me at

Individual sponsorships – for those who have always wanted their own Friesian horse.

There is a small number of individual sponsorship available. If you choose to sponsor Belle, Tess or Aurore, you will receive

  • an A4 photo of the horse you sponsor (pdf)
  • a sponsorship certificate (pdf)
  • twice a year, in July and December I will call you (Skype/WhatsApp/Zoom) for a chat about your mare.
  • once a year are invited to come and stay for a two-night weekend (bed-and-breakfast accommodation included) and spend time with the Friesian mare you are sponsoring.
  • acknowledgement of your generosity prominently displayed on your horse’s page on my website for the duration of your sponsorship.

If you would like to sponsor a Friesian mare, please e-mail me at for more details. I’m happy to answer any questions that you may have. More about me.

Belle de la Babinière, Aurore d’Alegria and Tess des Sources Sacrées.
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