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I haven’t told you this yet, but my mission is actually much more ambitious than just helping you to discover your life purpose and enable you to live a meaningful life. I am quietly but steadily creating a community of people who have discovered their Life Purpose and are living truly Rewarding and Remarkable Lives.

I am creating this community so that we can support each other, not only to live purposeful lives ourselves, but also that we can connect and create purposeful and meaningful relationships with people from all around the world – people from different cultures and with different convictions – with the common desire to live purposeful and meaningful lives.

If you would like to be part of this community, join us on Facebook in our group Margaretha Montagu’s Connections. I regularly run my free 10-day Secrets to Discovering Your Life Purpose challenge in the group.

Looking forward to welcoming you to my herd!

PS. There is currently a waiting list to get into the group, I’ll let subscribers to my mailing list know as soon as places become available. You also have the chance to win a free 30-minute consultation with me, I will let subscribers to my mailing list know as soon as I run a free-consultation-competition again.