Burnout Breakthrough Online Retreat

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burnout emotional exhaustion

In just 2 hours, twice a day for 2 days, in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, you will discover 3 resilience rituals (instantly effective) that will dramatically lower your stress levels and increase your emotional resilience so that you can avoid/recover from burnout.  At the end of the retreat, you’ll have a tailor-made morning and evening routine that will enable you to remain calm, confident, creative, compassionate, content and in control of whatever challenges you have to face.


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Section 1Introduction: Switch the kettle on...
Lecture 1Welcome to the Burnout Breakthrough Retreat
Lecture 2Get Your Mind in Gear
Lecture 3Crash and Burn
Lecture 4Life's Tiny Delights
Section 2Day 1 Morning: Resileince Ritual 1 - Under-rated and Under-implemented Antidote
Lecture 5What is all the fuss about?
Lecture 6Awareness of Infinite Possibilities
Lecture 7Sharpen Your Senses
Lecture 8Focused Listening
Lecture 9Are you an Emotional Genius?
Lecture 10Stepping Stones
Section 3Day 1 Afternoon: Resileince Ritual 2 -Lighten Your Load
Lecture 11Recap and Reverse
Lecture 12Secret Sauce
Lecture 13Rewire Your Brain
Lecture 14How emotionally resilient are you?
Lecture 15Dig Deep
Lecture 16Deep Sleep
Section 4Day 2 Morning: Resileince Ritual 3 - Random and Intentional
Lecture 17Great Expectations
Lecture 18Burnout Breakthrough
Lecture 19Walking the Talk
Lecture 20Do you need to take better care of yourself to avoid burnout? Quiz
Lecture 21Different Perspectives
Lecture 22Greatest Gifts
Section 5Day 2 Afternoon: Pulling it all together
Lecture 23The Solution
Lecture 24How to create a Morning Routine
Lecture 25How to create an Evening Routine
Lecture 26reating YOUR morning and evening routine
Section 6Claim Your Trophy